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Who is Valiant Industries, LP

Valiant offers new and used processing and packaging equipment in addition to engineering and project management services at competitive prices.

Providing engineering based solutions to your packaging needs. No project or application is too big or too small! From new packaging lines in greenfield sites to reconfiguring existing production lines and used packaging equipment to plant relocations to spare parts.

  • We sell new and used packaging and process equipment
  • Let us help you liquidate your excess used packaging and process machinery inventory
  • Your boneyard can help you pay for your new line
  • Specializing in packaging equipment for the food industry

Furthermore, we serve customers in food, beverage, dairy, baking, personal care, pharmaceutical, chemical in addition to automotive industries.

In Conclusion, if it’s in a carton, bottle, bag, can, tube or box or maybe in your garage, medicine cabinet, shower, refrigerator or pantry chances are our engineers probably helped put it there!

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Valiant Industries, LP loves to design and install packaging systems with all new, shiny equipment for our customers. Laying out a production line in a given space, specifying, sourcing, installing and starting up a packaging line consisting of equipment designed specifically for the product that we are going to produce is one of the most gratifying things we can imagine professionally. However, sometimes budget and/or time constraints dictate that not all of the packaging line equipment can be sourced as new packaging equipment. Sometimes, used packaging equipment MUST be sourced for the packaging application or the project is not going to happen.

For many start-up and smaller packaged product manufacturers, sourcing and utilizing used packaging equipment is a way of life. The advent of the internet has made finding that “needle in the haystack” used packaging equipment so much simpler than it was just a few years ago. Now, anyone armed with a few keywords and a couple of hours to kill can determine if that special used packaging machine is available on the used packaging equipment market or if that item must be purchased new from the OEM. For other, larger manufacturers, typically with deeper project pockets, purchasing used packaging equipment is alien territory. Who can blame the project engineer for their reticence when it comes to purchasing used packaging equipment for packaging a new product. New packaging machinery is made to order, and comes with a warranty. Used packaging equipment was made to someone else’s specifications and is purchased “as-is”. That used packaging equipment may come at a lower price, but may require a fair bit of engineering know-how and effort to be re-tooled and repurposed. In short, if you have the funds, buying new packaging machinery is easier (but not necessarily as much fun!!).

It is not uncommon for us to have a meeting with a customer who shows us a sample product, be it bottle, pouch, can, etc. and have them declare that they have X number of dollars to spend and they would like to run Y number of products per minute on their new line in a given space. A quick run-through of budgetary packaging equipment prices may reveal that the customer may need 2X number of dollars or more to run said product at the desired rate. At that point, we may suggest that either they petition for more funds, or consider also sourcing used packaging equipment as part of the packaging system design. The customer might exclaim: “What? Used packaging equipment? We don’t want used packaging equipment, we want new packaging equipment, or we won’t do the project!” In turn, we might then respond: “But, what about your current packaging lines? Is that new packaging equipment or used packaging equipment you are making your product with?” Of course they are running used packaging equipment – whether the packaging machinery was purchased new by them or not. The reality of it is that for many different packaging applications, purchasing good used equipment is a financially responsible, low-risk alternative to buying new packaging machinery.

Consider as an example, a fully-automated bottling line for a low-viscosity non-corrosive household chemical to be running 120 bpm in a 16-ounce round bottle with 28mm screw-cap and full-wrap pressure sensitive label to be packaged in a 6-count RSC case that has to be set up and operational in an open warehouse in three to four months. Whether we source new packaging machinery or used packaging equipment, we may or may not be able to make delivery on the packaging line equipment. One thing is certain, if we don’t place the orders for the new packaging machinery immediately, we are all but guaranteeing that the line will consist of all used packaging equipment with, perhaps, new conveyor and controls to round out our new bottling line. We are fortunate in that our example application is as easy as they come when it comes to sourcing the used packaging equipment. Depending on how the empty bottles are received at the customer facility, we will either recommend a bottle-unscrambler or bulk-bottle depalletizer. Finding a monobloc bottle-filler with on-board 28 mm capper may be difficult. Fortunately, the fill rate is relatively low, and we do have several different capable US based filler manufacturers to choose from. The pressure-sensitive labeler can be an in-line PS labeler, and, for the price difference, it may be better to look at a new labeler versus a used labeler. Since we are in an open warehouse, and space is not as much of a concern, we would more than likely provide a used case erector, drop packer, and top sealer versus the more compact, but harder-to-find used top-load pick-and-place case packer with on board case erecting and sealing for case-packing our bottles. The bottle induction sealer and case and bottle coding equipment and packaging inspection equipment could be sourced as used packaging equipment, but, as with the pressure sensitive labeler, it may be to our benefit to source new equipment. Our new twenty-case-per-minute bottle packaging line, exclusive of the process system and piping, can be operational for less than $600K, installed and started up.

Where do we find all the packaging equipment we sell?

We may have some of the needed used packaging equipment in our warehouse.
We make it a point to keep track of the idle packaging equipment in our customer’s facilities – even if it’s not for sale. We work with a network of used packaging equipment dealers across the nation – many of them smaller, hard-to-find packaging equipment dealers that don’t normally show up in an internet search.

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