Pallet conveyors are designed to move pallets or skids (or bins, totes, steel coils, drums, whatever you have to move that is big and heavy) of varying size and configurations from one area of a plant to another.  The pallet configuration, two-way pallet, four-way pallet, block, Chep, etc, determines how the pallet will be oriented when loaded on the pallet conveyor.  The pallet orientation on the conveyor will determine what style pallet conveyance will be required to move the pallet load safely through the facility.

The most common pallet conveyor designs are Chain Driven Live Roller (CDLR) conveyor, Belt Driven Live Roller (BDLR) conveyor, and drag-chain conveyor, steel belt on roller and gravity roller conveyor.

A typical pallet conveyance system that Valiant Industries, LLC supplies might have multiple palletizers feeding a single stretch wrapper, which, in turn, might feed finished, stretch wrapped loads through a high-speed roll-up door into a freezer or cooler for fork lift or ASRS pickup. 

Pallets come in many sizes and configurations, contact the experts at Valiant to help you match the right equipment for your pallet design.

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