A  palletizer is a machine that places containers, boxes, trays, bags or any other item in a pre-set pattern on a pallet.  Variations of used palletizers, which does everything that a palletizer does, but without the pallet, is referred to a unitizer.  A unitizing machine will place items on a heavy chip-board sheet rather than a pallet.

Palletizing machines are typically categorized by their speed, infeed elevation, producet they are handling and machinery design.  For instance, Valiant Industries supplies high-level palletizers, low-level palletizers robotic palletizer and gantry style palletizers.  We supply these palletizing systems in single-line (one palletizer for each line), multi-line palletizing systems (two or more products feeding the same palletizer, low-speed (less than 20 ppm) medium-speed (20-60 ppm) and  high-speed palletizing applications (greater than 60 ppm).  We supply robotic palletizing systems and even multi-product freezer palletizers.

Valiant Industries, LLC has the solution for whatever case, tray, bag, or bulk-container palletizing need you have.  We supply the engineering, equipment, installation and startup to get your product safely all the way to your loading dock.

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