Puckers, also known as pucking machines, automatically place hard to transport items into a puck plastic or metal carrier, or puck, for ease of transport through the production process.  Typical pucking applications are cosmetics (lipstick, perfume, tubes), personal care (deodorant, shampoos in designer bottles), and food (aluminum aerosol tubes).  For every pucking machine putting products into the puck, there must also be a de-pucker, or un-pucker, taking the finished products out of the pucks so the pucks can be reused.
Pucking and de-pucking machines are usually custom-designed for the specific application, but can be manufactured to handle a wide variety of puck and container sizes.  For messy applications, an in-line puck washer is usually desired.  Valiant Industries supplies new and used pucking and de-pucking machines (and pucks).

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