2018 Used ABC Depalletizer

2018 Used ABC Depalletizer

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DEPALLETIZER SPECIFICATIONS: A-B-C Model “108” Automatic Bulk Depalletizer, sweep-off design. Built to A-B-C standard design and specifications. Used-ABC-Depalletizer Includes: Heavy duty main frame with counter weighted elevator. Elevator vertical motion frequency driven with top of pallet sensor and encoder for tool-less changeover-between various container heights. Easy onscreen selection for container height. Four (4) side tier sheet containment with friction plates and dual gripper system for positive control during layer transfer. Four (4) side automatic stabilizing mechanism that squares both primary and secondary layers. Four (4) side container control with self-adjusting front stabilizer bar during sweep from pallet to discharge. Allen Bradley PowerFlex 525 VFD’s. Stainless steel stripper plate for layer transfer. Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC with Ethernet communication. Modular rackless design provides easy input or output card replacement or expandability. Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 7-1000 standard terminal (2711P-T10C21D8S) HMI for operator controls and-machine diagnostics, main panel mounted.