2021 Holmatic CFS 750 Container Sealer

2021 Holmatic CFS 750 Container Sealer

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Holmatic CFS 750 Container Sealer Continuous motion multiple station conduction heat sealing system. The machine is equipped to run 5.0” diameter containers at 350 containers per minute 1. Automatic, high speed, continuous conduction sealing for containers with heat sealable film from roll stock by means of a continuous rotary die cutter and heat seal stations. 2. Standard machine configuration is left-to-right product flow as determined from the operator side of the machine. 3. Containers are fed into the machine from a continuous, tabletop chain conveyor. A dual timing screw assembly designed for the container feeds the containers into the machine at the desired spacing and speed. 4. A Butler two-position automatic film feeding and splicing system is provided to feed the lid stock material into the die cutting assembly. The film system is equipped with an accumulator to allow roll film changes while the machine continues to operate. An automatic splicing unit is provided for making overlap splices. 5. An automatic film guiding system is provided to guide the lid stock into the rotary die cutter. The guiding system controls the position of the web within .06 inches. 6. A continuous motion rotary die cutting assembly is provided to cut the lid stock to the appropriate size and shape. The assembly consists of an anvil and cutting die, which is servo-driven and matches the container speed to place the lid stock in the sealing position. 7. Once the lid stock has been cut to the appropriate size, it is positioned in place for sealing. The containers are precisely located under continuous motion heat seal assemblies by means of a cam actuated jaw assembly. The jaw positions the container as the heat seal assembly simultaneously seals the lid stock to the container. 8. Each heat seal station rotates continuously on a turret assembly and is specifically designed for the container. The head is air driven and has an independent temperature control for each assembly. The heat seal head down cycle is PLC controlled for precise heat seal dwell time independent of machine speed. 9. Following the sealing of the lid stock to the container, the heat seal head lifts, the locating jaws retract and the container is conveyed out of the machine. As the container is conveyed out of the machine, the scrap lid stock is vacuumed to a remote disposal point. 10. The vacuum scrap removal system includes a venturi-style blower with ductwork to divert scrap web to a Buyer-supplied bin located at the front of the machine. 11. Interlocked servo-drives on the infeed, the conveyor, the rotary die cutter, and the heat seal assembly allow a maximum heat seal time of 1.5 seconds. 12. Interlocked clutches are included to stop the machine in the event of a jam. 13. The machine is completely enclosed in a guarding system integrated with the base. The doors have full-length windows for clean observation of the machine function and the drive mechanisms. Tunnel guards are provided on the entrance and exit conveyors. All doors have electrical door locks to prevent opening until the machine is stopped. Lexan covers are provided on the top of the machine with an opening for the turret. 14. Central lubrication is provided. 15. Change parts are included to handle both containers, Ø5” diameter and two heights.