New Packaging Machinery

We specialize in the sale of new packaging and processing equipment from a wide range of manufacturers.

New Packaging Equipment Categories

  • Bulk Depalletizers

    Bulk Depalletizers (6)

    Valiant Industries sells a variety of new and used bulk depalletizers that remove layers of containers from pallets and move them to the production line. These depalletizers accommodate to the speeds and efficiency needed for production.
  • Bulk Palletizers

    Bulk Palletizers (3)

    Valiant Industries sells new and used bulk palletizers capable of efficiently palletizing products at production speeds. Requiring minimal attention, these palletizers maintain durability for continuous production.
  • Cap Feeders

    Cap Feeders (1)

    Valiant Industries sells new cap feeders that orient caps to prepare them for capping. This equipment moves at speeds to ensure quick and efficient production.
  • Capping Systems

    Capping Systems (4)

    Valiant Industries sells new capping systems ready to meet production needs. These systems take caps fed into the system and place them on the bottles, firmly capping them.
  • Case Conveyors

    Case Conveyors (2)

    Valiant Industries sells new case conveyors ready to transport your product. These conveyors are capable of handling almost any type of case or packages.
  • Case Erectors

    Case Erectors (5)

    Valiant Industries sells new and used case erectors flexible to manage various case sizes. With high speeds, these case erectors produce cases quickly and efficiently for smooth production.
  • Case Packers

    Case Packers (5)

    Valiant Industries sells new and used case packers ready to meet various packing configurations at quick and efficient speeds.
  • Combination Scales

    Combination Scales (1)

    Valiant Industries sells new combination scales precisely measuring and weighing product with the use of multiple weigh heads. This equipment makes way for faster and more efficient production.
  • Cup Fillers

    Cup Fillers (1)

    Valiant Industries sells new cup fillers made to fill various types of pre-made containers with product. Product applications for these fillers range from pumpable items to dry items.
  • Cutters

    Cutters (1)

    Valiant Industries sells new cutters capable of cutting in all degrees of fineness for your desired product. With a variety of choices, you can find the right fit for your product.
  • Decasers

    Decasers (1)

    Valiant Industries sells new decasers that unload containers from the reshipper case. These decasers run empty bottles to your production line.
  • Dough Mixers

    Dough Mixers (3)

    These rugged dough mixers are manufactured in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Contact Valiant Industries to see one in action
  • Elevator/Lowerator

    Elevator/Lowerator (1)

    Valiant Industries sells new spiral elevators and lowerators for case and mass container handling applications where a large elevation change is required in a small space.
  • Flow Blanchers

    Flow Blanchers (1)

    Contact Valiant for your next blancher application
  • Glue Case Sealers

    Glue Case Sealers (2)

    Valiant Industries sells glue case sealers that seal your cases with glue for even the most challenging sealing requirements.
  • Horizontal Flow Wrappers

    Horizontal Flow Wrappers (1)

    Valiant Industries sells new horizontal flow wrappers suited for wrapping a wide range of products at high speeds. These wrappers take product from the production line and are able to wrap them in a variety of materials.
  • Labelers

    Labelers (1)

    Valiant sells labeling machines for every application and speed. Labeling for containers include shrink sleeve labels, pressure sensitive labels, hot glue, cut and stack labels, roll fed labels and more. We label bottles, cans, cases, cartons, pallets, bags - you name it, we label it! Contact us now!
  • Liquid Filling Equipment

    Liquid Filling Equipment (1)

    Valiant Industries sells new liquid filling equipment that fills containers with desired liquid. With a variety of choices, filling is made fast and dependable.
  • Mattop Conveyors

    Mattop Conveyors (1)

    Mattop full and empty container and case conveyor. Washdown/sanitary designs, mild steel, high speed, low speed. Incline, decline, vacuum, magnetic. Valiant is your expert for all product handling needs. Quick delivery for custom applications also available. Contact us today!
  • Orientors

    Orientors (1)

    Change container orientation to the desired position for packaging operations such as filling, labeling, capping and case packing. Valiant wants to help you solve your orientation problems!
  • Pallet Conveyors

    Pallet Conveyors (1)

    Pallet conveyors are designed to move pallets or skids (or bins, totes, steel coils, drums, whatever you have to move that is big and heavy) of varying size and configurations from one area of a plant to another.  The pallet configuration, two-way pallet, four-way pallet, block, Chep, etc, determines how the pallet will be oriented when loaded on the pallet conveyor.  The pallet orientation on the conveyor will determine what style pallet conveyance will be required to move the pallet load safely through the facility.

    The most common pallet conveyor designs are Chain Driven Live Roller (CDLR) conveyor, Belt Driven Live Roller (BDLR) conveyor, and drag-chain conveyor, steel belt on roller and gravity roller conveyor.

    A typical pallet conveyance system that Valiant Industries, LLC supplies might have multiple palletizers feeding a single stretch wrapper, which, in turn, might feed finished, stretch wrapped loads through a high-speed roll-up door into a freezer or cooler for fork lift or ASRS pickup. 

    Pallets come in many sizes and configurations, contact the experts at Valiant to help you match the right equipment for your pallet design.

  • Table Top Conveyors

    Table Top Conveyors (3)

    Table Top Conveyors for every container handling need and budget. Washdown/sanitary designs, mild steel, high speed, low speed. The engineers at Valiant are experts in lightweight empty container handling. Quick delivery for custom applications also available. Contact us today
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