Packaging Equipment Engineering Services

Valiant Industries offers a wide range of integration services to meet your specific needs. Whether you need a whole new line or an upgrade to your existing system we will provide you with the services necessary to produce your product at a higher level of efficiency and reliability.

Integration Services

  • Industrial Engineering Analysis
  • System Layout & Design
  • Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Equipment Specification
  • New & Used Equipment Procurement
  • Material & Product Handling Equipment
  • Control Systems
  • Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Installation, Start-up & Training
  • Documentation & Validation Assistance

Integration Benefits

  • Single Source for Turnkey Project Execution
  • Cost Savings/Risk Reduction
  • Free up your In-house Personnel
  • Qualification of Equipment Prior to Installation
  • Improved Product Quality, Efficiency and Reliability
  • Expedited Time to Market with Experienced Project Management
  • Freedom to Focus on Big Picture Issues

Valiant Industries provides customers with on-site and off-site project management for any project. The project manager represents you, the customer, in all dealings with vendors and contractors during the project. Our project manager will coordinate all scheduling and services required to complete the project engineering, installation and start-up.

Project Management Services

  • Qualified and Experienced Project Engineers with many years experience
  • Equipment specifications for vendors and contractors
  • Daily project schedule updates and reports as required.
  • Equipment layout and assembly details.
  • Electrical control and installation layouts from vendors will be integrated into line layouts and master drawings.
  • Coordination of vendors and contractors.
  • Contractor and crew supervision and scheduling.
  • Start-up assistance and employee training as required.
  • Update all detail drawings upon project completion.

Project Management Benefits

  • Cost Savings / Risk Reduction
  • Supplement your In-House Personnel
  • Expedited Time to Market with Experienced Project Management
  • Complete and Focused Control of Critical Path Project Tasks
  • Freedom to Focus on Big Picture Issues

Valiant Industries can provide you with on-site service technicians capable of mechanical, electrical, and programming service for process manufacturing, packaging production lines and electrical control systems. Our crews are capable of providing services from simple line tuning to mechanical and electrical installations. We are ideally suited for modifications and rebuilds of existing systems and used packaging equipment. Our goal is to provide superior customer assistance and support.

Field Services

  • Qualified and Experienced Service Technicians and Mechanics.Field Services
  • Equipment inspections and rebuilds.
  • Minor Mechanical and Electrical Installations.
  • PLC Programming and support for system integration.
  • Equipment and Conveyor set-up assistance.
  • Communication and Data Acquisition interfaces.
  • System and Equipment Training Services.
  • Updating control systems, schematics and documentation

Field Service Benefits

  • Expedient Project Solutions
  • On-Site Technical Experience with an attitude of ownership and a desire to resolve
  • Cost Savings / Start-Up Risk Reduction
  • Freedom of In-House Staff to Focus on Big Picture Issues

Valiant Industries provides you with in-plant audits of existing production equipment and processes. Our completed report includes recommendations, design engineering and detailed layout drawings. These drawings will be based on product and line performance requirements as provided by you. All drawings are the property of the customer.

Layout Drawing Services

  • On-Site plant audit and report on existing equipment and capabilities.
  • Recommendations and cost estimates for new and/or the adaptation of existing equipment.
  • Line layouts to be provided in both paper and electronic format.
  • We provide drawing copies suitable for quoting purposes by any industry equipment
    or electrical controls vendor and for general mechanical installation.
  • Layouts will indicate equipment and conveyor locations, interface points, mechanical
    and electrical requirements and assembly details.
  • Details include existing reused conveyor and equipment as described by the customer
    and on-site inventory and evaluation.
  • Consultation with any equipment, electrical or installation vendor interested in bidding
    and as directed by the customer.

Layout Drawing Benefits

  • Expedited and Efficient Results
  • Benefit of Years of Industry Experience in Engineering and layout Design
  • Freedom of In-House Staff to Focus on other Plant and Project Issues.
  • Cost Savings/Risk Reduction.

Valiant Industries offers professional packaging equipment installation whether you’re simply purchasing one machine or relocating your entire plant, our expert millwrights and electricians will get the job done right.

Installation ServicesPackaging Equipment Installation

  • Multi disciplined installation teams: Mechanical, Electrical, Pneumatic, Piping, Hydraulic Systems
  • New packaging equipment installation
  • Disassemble and reinstallation of existing equipment
  • On-site project management by seasoned project manager
  • Master project schedule tracking, project status, and maintaining project milestones.

Valiant Installation Benefits

  • Single point of contact during installation, streamlining communications.
  • Professional on-site management of all work crews ensuring smooth and efficient installation while coordinating with continuous plant operations.
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