Calypso Wet Wipe Line

  • Calypso Wet Wipe Line

Four (4) lane Crossfolder wipes machine. Supplied with an in-line belt driven unwind stand capable of accepting parent rolls up to 60” in diameter and widths of 34”

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Four (4) lane Crossfolder wipes machine.

The machine is supplied with an in-line belt driven unwind stand capable of accepting parent rolls up to 60” (1.5M) in diameter and widths of 34” (863MM). The unwind is supplied with one core shaft and two core plugs for a 3” (76mm) inside diameter core to hold the parent roll in place in the unwind stand.

The unwind includes a manual side shift mechanism to align the parent roll with the folding plates. The parent roll is unwound by means of a surface drive belt arm.

A Foxboro constant tension system, complete with dancer roll is supplied to aid in control of web tensions during the unwinding of the parent roll. This helps to compensate for any mis-tension that may be wound into the parent roll, and is particularly important, as moistened webs tend to change in length when the fluid is applied.

From the unwind, the web passes over a slitter assembly which divides the parent roll web into the proper widths. The slitter is an idling shear type with a manual throw-off lever and a driven S-wrap combination draw roll/slitter bedroll to minimize the need to nip the web tightly. The slit webs then pass over a wetting tube, which dispenses a predetermined amount of moistening solution.

The amount of moistening solution that can be absorbed into the web is contingent upon the type of material being processed, as well as the type of moistening fluid used. The wetting system includes a fluid pump, a wick type wetting tube, and fluid flow controls.

Immediately after wetting, each web is longitudinally folded to the required configuration and dimension. Once longitudinally folded, the webs immediately pass through a set of variable speed draw rolls and into the rotary cutoff where the webs are cut to the proper length.

The cutoff wipes are then crossfolded by means of a timed mechanical tucker. This crossfolding assembly is adjustable to match the desired crossfold dimension and product cutoff length.

After crossfolding, the finished products are carried horizontally to an orbital packer where they are packed vertically downward into pre-counted stacks and separated.

Completed stacks are then pushed forward out of the crossfolder discharge into a collating conveyor system, and prepared for entry into the customer furnished packaging equipment.

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