GC Evans Bottle & Can Warmers

    All GC Evans Bottle & Can Warmers feature heavy duty stainless steel construction, EZ Clean design, stainless steel internal & external piping and are built to customers desired layout specifications.

    • 300 Series stainless construction throughout
    • Sloped water reservoir which offers greater savings
    • Holds less water than typical rectangular tanks
    • Easy cleaning and debris removal
    • High strength, modular plastic belt riding on a UHMW lined stainless steel bed with infeed and discharge finger transfer plates
    • Controlled flooded decking without product flotation
    • Complete heat package including heat exchanger, pre-piped inlet steam line and condensate line. Also available with Evans Solution Heaters
    • Process controller with digital display to accurately maintain temperature settings
    • Custom pre-wired and pre-tested machine-mounted control package. PLUS optional large remote operator’s station
    • Powerful blower system to remove excess water from containers
    • Variable speed drive (mechanical or electrical)
    • Strainer Tanks with dual stainless steel filters prior to pump suction
    • “Clog resistant” spray nozzle design provides uniform container warming, regardless of container height
    • Removable upper flow pans are optional
    • “Scuff resistant” internal guard rails
    • Optional accessories available upon request
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