Sell Your Equipment

Let Valiant Do The Work

Looking to Sell Your Packaging Equipment? Contact us or call our equipment buyer now to discuss the best option for you if you are considering liquidating some of your idle assets.

Surplus equipment takes up space, resources, and continues to lose value the longer it sits idle. Valiant understands when it comes to you being able to sell your packaging equipment.

With with so many choices available for selling your used packaging equipment, it can be difficult to know where to begin. We realize that not everyone has the same priorities:

  • Looking to maximize returns?​
  • Need expedited equipment removal?​
  • Wanting to generate immediate income?
  • Trying to minimize space requirements?

When you need to sell your packaging equipment, Our purchasing agents makes process simple and painless from the start to finish.

Direct purchase: We pay you an agreed upon price and your equipment goes from your dock to its new home.

Consignment A: Valiant lists, markets and sells your equipment, you maintain possession of the asset, and we receive an agreed upon commission at the close of the sale.

Consignment B: Valiant lists, markets, and sells your equipment while storing it in our facility. You pay for the freight to our facility. Valiant Industries will cover the cost of storage for the first three months. After three months of storage in our warehouse, a nominal monthly warehousing charge will be applied.