Used Packaging Equipment

Valiant Industries carries a large variety of used packaging equipment for sale at affordable prices.

Used Equipment Categories

  • Automatic Cartoners

    Automatic Cartoners (2)

    Valiant Industries has a variety of automatic cartoners that provide a means for packaging a wide variety of food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and consumer products. Cartoners come in two basic configurations: Horizontal cartoners, where the product is loaded into the carton from the side Vertical cartoners , where the product is loaded from the top. The process of cartoning begins when the product enters the machine and is collated into a pack pattern. The machine selects a flat case, which it opens and positions for product insertion. The carton flaps are folded and tucked, or the product moves to a sealing station where the carton is sealed using hot-melt glue.
  • Bag Fillers

    Bag Fillers (4)

    Valiant Industries sells used bag fillers that pick up, place, and fill pre-made bags at a fast and efficient rate.
  • Blanchers


    Process Blanchers are used in a variety of food processing facilities for vegetables, fruit, beans, canning, freezing, drying, and other fresh cut applications. Valiant Industries showcases new and used food processing blanchers and combination blancher/cooker-coolers from popular manufacturers including: Hughes, Lyco, Key, Blentech, FMC, A.K. Robins and Rietz.
  • Bottle Lines

    Bottle Lines (6)

    The main advantage of our used bottle packaging lines are their versatility: they can handle an assortment of bottles. filled with a variety of the liquids. Our bottle packaging units can carry out different operations ready to handle your products and needs, from the most simple to the most sophisticated one.
  • Cappers

    Cappers (9)

    Capper equipment, either inline or rotary, places and tightens a cap on a bottle. Selection of which type depends on a variety of factors including bottle size and shape and the weight and shape of the cap. The major industries that use cappers are Pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, chemical, beverage and food. Valiant Industries carries a large inventory of cappers and other packaging equipment.
  • Case Erectors

    Case Erectors (12)

    Used Case Erectors removes the need to pre-erect boxes / cases or cartons prior to packing. They are precise, reliable and easy to use while saving space, time & money. Case erectors are used to erect a case from a magazine of loaded cases. They are available in semi-automatic where the operator assists by pre-forming the case and the case erector will fold the bottom. They are also available in fully automatic where the operator only has to stack the cases on a horizontal or vertical magazine and the case erector will erect case, form case, seal bottom and ext the case. Most case erectors have the option to seal the bottom of the case either by tape or glue before the case moves to the packing station however you can also find case erectors without sealing. Call us today for a free quote on our used case erectors for sale.
  • Case Packers

    Case Packers (4)

    Valiant Industries sells new and used case packers ready to meet various packing configurations at quick and efficient speeds.
  • Case Sealers

    Case Sealers (2)

    Valiant Industries sells used case sealers that will seal your case requirements.
  • Check Weighers

    Check Weighers (2)

    Valiant Industries sells used check weighers that weigh product at the end of the production line. This is used to ensure that the correct amount of product has been placed.
  • Coders


    Valiant Industries sells used coders that code product with barcodes, date codes, and more with an ink jet.
  • Complete Packaging Lines

    Complete Packaging Lines (8)

    Complete Lines, also known as complete production lines, or complete packaging lines, can seem somewhat misleading. The complete line category actually refers to a series of machines that are running together. These machines have been integrated to work together with one another. It is vital to pay close attention to detail when creating a complete line for individual machines. Especially at the transfer of packages and products from one machine and process to another machine.

    This is extensive knowledge that Valiant possesses in regards to selecting and integrating of individual machines into a complete line for an application. Valiant has engineered services to alleviate this process. We are capable of integrating various machines together into a complete line including the product and package transfers between machines and processes.

  • Conveyors

    Conveyors (10)

    Valiant Industries offers used conveyors for sale of various sorts to transport your product down the production line. Conveyor systems are often thought of as commodities that simply move packages from place to place. That can be a costly mistake. Low-friction, high-efficiency systems are available at very competitive prices. They offer the necessary packaging system flexibility, and can save you thousands of dollars annually in total ownership costs. Less energy, lower cost, improved performance: That’s sustainability at its best.
  • Double Ribbon Mixers

    Double Ribbon Mixers (2)

    Valiant Industries sells used double ribbon mixers that are used to mix dry free-flowing solids. This equipment is ideal with bulk density products.
  • Dough Mixers

    Dough Mixers (1)

    With a high capacity at affordable prices, our used dough mixers are versatile enough to make dough for everything from bagels to pizza. Call Valiant today and ask how we can help with your mixing needs.
  • Fillers

    Fillers (12)

    Valiant Industries sells used fillers that fill pouches and pre-made containers with product. Product to be filled can range from dry to liquid products.
  • Granulators

    Granulators (1)

    Valiant Industries sells used granulator equipment that grind down product into your desired size, be it grain or powder.
  • Hoppers

    Hoppers (3)

    Valiant offers used hoppers at an affordable price. Hoppers are used for the temporary storage of materials.
  • Labelers

    Labelers (7)

    Valiant Industries sells new and used labelers that takes in pre-made containers and labels them. They are made to easily label at various sizes and thicknesses for different product containers.
  • Metal Detectors

    Metal Detectors (2)

    Metal Detectors for food processing can inspect products in all formats, from packaged conveyorised food products and bulk powder or granular materials through to liquids, pastes and slurries. Metal detection systems can be utilised to provide compliance with food safety inspection standards, industry guidance and legislation. Valiant Industries offers a wide variety of Used Metal Detectors for sale. The purchase of a metal detection system can represent a significant capital investment for many companies, so it's important that the equipment is reliable, of appropriate design for the intended application, and used in the most effective way. This will ensure a good return on investment through decreasing costs and maximising product safety.
  • Mixers

    Mixers (4)

    Valiant Industries sells used mixers that mix and blend your product be it dry or liquid.
  • Palletizers

    Palletizers (11)

    A  palletizer is a machine that places containers, boxes, trays, bags or any other item in a pre-set pattern on a pallet.  Variations of used palletizers, which does everything that a palletizer does, but without the pallet, is referred to a unitizer.  A unitizing machine will place items on a heavy chip-board sheet rather than a pallet. Palletizing machines are typically categorized by their speed, infeed elevation, producet they are handling and machinery design.  For instance, Valiant Industries supplies high-level palletizers, low-level palletizers robotic palletizer and gantry style palletizers.  We supply these palletizing systems in single-line (one palletizer for each line), multi-line palletizing systems (two or more products feeding the same palletizer, low-speed (less than 20 ppm) medium-speed (20-60 ppm) and  high-speed palletizing applications (greater than 60 ppm).  We supply robotic palletizing systems and even multi-product freezer palletizers. Valiant Industries, LLC has the solution for whatever case, tray, bag, or bulk-container palletizing need you have.  We supply the engineering, equipment, installation and startup to get your product safely all the way to your loading dock.
  • Puckers


    Puckers, also known as pucking machines, automatically place hard to transport items into a puck plastic or metal carrier, or puck, for ease of transport through the production process.  Typical pucking applications are cosmetics (lipstick, perfume, tubes), personal care (deodorant, shampoos in designer bottles), and food (aluminum aerosol tubes).  For every pucking machine putting products into the puck, there must also be a de-pucker, or un-pucker, taking the finished products out of the pucks so the pucks can be reused. Pucking and de-pucking machines are usually custom-designed for the specific application, but can be manufactured to handle a wide variety of puck and container sizes.  For messy applications, an in-line puck washer is usually desired.  Valiant Industries supplies new and used pucking and de-pucking machines (and pucks).
  • Scales

    Scales (4)

    Valiant Industries sells used scales that precisely measure product in container.
  • Shrink Wrappers

    Shrink Wrappers (9)

    As stand-alone or fully integrated systems, our used shrink wrappers offer innovative features that maximize speed and easily accommodate large size ranges and pack patterns.
  • Sleeve Labelers

    Sleeve Labelers (5)

    Valiant Industries sells used sleeve labelers that take in bottles and labels them. They are made to easily label at various sizes and thicknesses for different bottle containers.
  • Stainless Steel Tanks

    Stainless Steel Tanks (14)

    Valiant Industries carries a large inventory of used tanks for sale including reconditioned stainless steel tanks, fiberglass tanks, alloy tanks, polyethylene tanks, high alloy tanks, nickel tanks, and many more. Stainless steel tanks are perhaps the most versatile and most durable tanks available, and our used stainless steel tanks are a cost effective option. Used stainless steel tanks can be used for a range of applications, including food industry and chemical storage purposes. They are very strong, and are highly resistant to corrosion and most chemicals. Stainless steel tanks can be made with higher quality finishes and components to meet FDA regulations for food storage and processing. We have tanks ranging in all different sizes, from 40,000 Gallons to <1 Gallon Tanks. We buy and sell used tanks from all different types industries. Call us today to receive a free quote on our tanks and process equipment.
  • Tray Equipment

    Tray Equipment (8)

    When it comes to tray packaging equipment, nothing matters more than precision, speed and the overall quality of one’s tray filling machinery. Valiant Industries strives to provide our customers the highest quality stainless steel constructed tray packaging machinery and equipment. As a premier packaging company, we understand that having case ready products properly packaged and ready to go on a set schedule is what keeps your business running. Are you in the market for a specific tray packaging or sealing machine? Let one of our knowledgeable team members provide you more information today!
  • Unscramblers

    Unscramblers (3)

    Valiant Industries sells used unscramblers that receive empty bottles in bulk, and orient and position them to move down the processing line.
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High Quality Used Packaging Equipment

Wikipedia states “A package provides protection, tampering resistance, and special physical, chemical, or biological needs.” This is where we come in. Valiant Industries designs and supplies packaging, process and conveying equipment and systems. We also buy and sell used packaging equipment and used process equipment, by the piece, or by the whole production line.

HONESTY is what differentiates Valiant from many of our competitors in the used packaging equipment and used process equipment industry. We deal with used packaging equipment dealers on a daily basis – and we know that there are a select few that can be trusted. We wish we knew everything about the equipment we have – our promise to you is that you will know everything that we know about the packaging equipment that we sell!

The Leaders in Used Packaging Equipment

Equipment Pricing Philosophy

First of all our philosophy is simple: Our used packaging equipment for sale pricing is always going to be the most competitive in the industry. We want our customers to continue to buy from us. Further more, much like everyone else, we do hope to get rich – but not on every sale.

Clearance Items

We buy lots of equipment therefore sometimes we get beauty the contest winners and sometimes we get the beauty contest losers. Rather than just tossing it away, we have created a  “clearance corner”  section for the equipment that needs a little more lovin’ than we want to give, but is still too good to scrap. Like they say, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. We will offer our honest assessment of the equipment and let you decide if it fits your description of “treasure“. If you have a hose, a torch, and a hammer (JB Weld and duct tape too!!) there might just be something in there that you can use….for something….

Feed the Used Equipment Monster

We can’t very well sell used packaging equipment if we don’t have any to sell, can we? That is where YOU come in because we can’t keep the supply going without your help. PLEASE let us buy, sell or market your idle packaging and process assets. We offer several different ways to help you help us help you.

Our equipment purchasing agents make the process simple and painless from the start to finish.

  • Direct purchase – we pay you an agreed upon price and your equipment goes from your dock to its new home
  • Consignment A: Valiant lists, markets and sells your equipment, you maintain possession of the asset, and we receive an agreed upon commission at the close of the sale.
  • Consignment B: Valiant lists, markets, and sells your equipment while storing it in our facility. You pay for the freight to our facility. Valiant Industries will cover the cost of storage for the first three months. After three months of storage in our warehouse, a nominal monthly warehousing charge will be applied.

Please contact us or call our equipment buyer now to discuss the best option for you if you are considering liquidating some of your idle assets.

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